Collected from social media pages and thank you emails:

Email Snippets

One of my favorite moments of each photographic assignment is to receive my clients' reactions to the images I captured for them:

Oh. My. God. These photographs are . . . STUNNING. For what it's worth, you almost made a grown man cry last night. I am basically speechless at how amazing your photos are. Incredible. Superb. Breathtaking. WOW. -- Scott L.

Wow!!! These beautiful pictures seriously brought tears to my eyes!!! LOVE is an understatement!!! Cant wait to get these printed & show them off :) Thank you so much for your work Sirin, you totally just made my night!! :) -- Lee C.

We miss you!!! Need some photos done the Sirin way. :-) -- Anasa S.

You capture magic with that camera of yours. - Gloria P.

Oh my gosh--These photos look amazing! Yay! You did a really fantastic job. I have never seen so many people smiling in these kinds of shots—at this kind of event lol—you really captured the right moments throughout the day. I'm sooo glad you were able to do this! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) -- Genéa S.

Dear Sirin, I continue to be impressed with your photography. I don’t know how you captured all those shots having never seen the “show” before! Thank you so much. -- Jane H.

Sirin, These are brilliant! I absolutely love them. You did an amazing job, once again. [...] Thank you!!! -- Natalie M.

I just wanted to commend you on these beautiful photographs; you captured some gorgeous moments highlighting the interaction between my students and the students of PS 161. Thank you for this early holiday gift. -- Vanessa V.

Wonderful, wonderful photos, Sirin! You did a fabulous job of capturing the energy of the room and your photos are incredibly crisp and colorful. -- M.C.

These pictures are amazing! I love them and I know that [...] will love them just as much, too! -- Katherine C.

Sirin, I can't say strongly enough how beautiful each and every one of these images is!! Your photos just keep getting better and better. These are just gorgeous—your eye is just amazing. -- Maura C.

Wow Sirin, die Fotos sind der absolute Hammer!!! Bin ganz begeistert. Deine Auswahl ist auch Super. -- Maria B.

They're fabulous! I absolutely love what you did, I feel that you captured who they are and they are all framed so beautifully. Thank you so much. -- Shelagh J.

I LOVE - LOVE the photographs - just great captures!!! Thank-you so much for your amazing work. -- Hayley M.

Sirin we cant thank you enough for what you done for us, you made us totally relaxed!! You are amazing at what you do and thank you for the memories you gave us!! -- Michael M.

Thank you so much Sirin... can not stop looking at them.. want to go back and do it all again... amazing..xx -- Stacey W.

OMG!!! I love them !!! U rock -- Maria BL.

Dear Sirin, [...] From beginning to end, I found your work to be consistently creative and aesthetically superior to any other photography I've seen of these kinds of events. A rite of passage is a moment in time that is so significant, I am so impressed with how you have used your skills, your artistry and craft, to capture the feelings that we had that day. The joy and the pride and the great moments are given back to us in your photographs so that we will be able to relive them forever.  -- Emma G.

Ohmygod sirinnnn! The photos are AMAZING. PERFECT. MAGICAL. I can't stop looking at them. I am so honored and blessed to have had your incredible talent on the most important day of my life! -- Daphne R.

Your photos are wonderful, as always!! -- Leah M.

Wow- speechless & emotional. Love it- very difficult to choose the perfect picture... they all look amazing & beautiful. Thank you! -- Jacqueline H.

You are a photo-genius. The photos keep getting better and better - thank you! I can't wait to print and send to our guests. There are some really, really charming shots of folks caught mid-laugh. People genuinely look like they are having a great time.  So glad we get to work with you! -- Teresa W.

These are absolutely stunning! You are so incredibly talented. Not only did you capture everything in the room - but I can actually see my family's personalities coming through in these photos. Beautiful stuff - your work is just amazing. Thank you again, so much, for being there and for providing such an invaluable service. I've told you before that your photographic eye is amazing... but seeing my family through your lens is breathtaking. 
I cannot thank you enough. These are so special to me. The amount of special moments you captured is just overwhelming. I'm going to be staring at these for hours. Thank you, thank you.  -- Nicole B.

These are amazing. You did such a spectacular job and managed to be unobtrusive and professional.
Thank you so so much, Sirin, for being such a lovely professional and incredibly generous person.
-- Shelagh R.

These are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you very much! I LOVE them.
Thank you also for getting them to me so quickly. It has been a pleasure working with you.
-- Jessica L.

Sirin your pictures are amazing! Ive been looking for just one representative high quality shot of the band and you captured dozens. I love the pics. Thank you sooo much again! -- Eric P.

OMG Sirin, WE ARE Literally speechless. You have captured the essence of our family and soooo much more! PLUS you made us look so beautiful! A difficult feat! We are in AWE of your talent and your heart, which you put into each shot. WOW!!! -- Sam H.

The photos are stunning! You have a magical touch, thank you very much for being a part of the baby shower. I can't thank you enough for these photos! -- Carla C.

I absolutely LOVE the pictures! Thank you so much. -- Lizzie M.

Oh my God, the photos are so awesome!!!! Thank you so much Sirin!!!! You did a great job. My fiancé is going to be thrilled. -- John J.


Reviews on Facebook

Amazing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, thoughtful, composed, real, true, memorable, aware, understanding of the moment in a way that makes each shot so special, capturing the gravity and ritual, the love, the warmth, the culture, the veneration of the book, the beauty of the objects, the power and importance of the moment -- these are just a few things that come to mind as I go through the photos!
From beginning to end, I found Sirin Samman's work to be consistently creative and aesthetically superior to any other photography I've seen of these kinds of events. A rite of passage is a moment in time that is so significant, I am so impressed with how she used her skills, artistry and craft, to capture the feelings that we had that day. The joy and the pride and the great moments are given back to us in her photographs so that we will be able to relive them forever.
This was, by far, the happiest day of my entire life, and to see these photographs that she took is tremendous to me, because they are even better than I could ever have imagined or would remember. The way she has composed our moments strikes me for the surface of their simplicity and yet I am sure they are complex shots. This lets me have my own response in dialogue with what she has done and somehow feels to me as if her pictures give me room to relive these moments in an aesthetically pleasing way. I am overwhelmed and completely impressed! I am in love with her work! I would recommend Sirin Samman and her work to anyone interested in hiring an artist who is capable of finding the importance of the event and is truly able to capture the feelings of the participants in a true yet creatively enhanced way. The pictures tell the story of the day so beautifully! It will be a great treasure to keep forever!
These photos capture my family in such wonderful way. It will change the way I think of us and what we've been able to do as a family. Having these photographs to look back on gives me such a great feeling about who we are as a family, and this will alter the course of our lives for the better.
— Emma Goldman-Sherman (reviewed on Facebook)


Sirin is an incredible photographer with an amazing talent and a superb work ethic. I am continually impressed with her at each event I've worked with her on, and I keep hiring her for more. Being an event planner in Westchester/NYC/NJ/CT, I have access to many photographers, but Sirin is one of my favorites to work with. She has an innate ability to see and capture the beauty in everyday situations, make her subjects feel comfortable in front of the lens, and she works well in many different environments. So far, I've hired her for an educational lecture series, an elegant dinner party, and an outdoor charity walk event with over 1,500 participants. The latter which she donated her services to - and last minute, to boot! Sirin has incredible talent, and a big heart. I love working with her and can't wait to hire her for another event!
— Nicole Batiste (reviewed on Facebook)


I had a very challenging job for Sirin - to shoot photos of my 14-piece jazz big band during our monthly live performance at The Shrine in Harlem. Our band plays on such a small stage that the saxes and trombones have to stand in front, the stage is lit with flashing colored lights, that flash in random sequence in the otherwise darkened ambience of the venue. Many other photographers have tried, and based on the previous results, I was hoping to get one usable photo out of the batch that Sirin took during our last performance. When she sent me the edited file of 66 ready-to-go photos of my band, I was absolutely blown away. I had 66 usable photos, including a group of six or seven that I will use EVERYWHERE - on my website, in promotional materials, etc. Never before has someone solved the entire series of problems involved in shooting at The Shrine - there was my big band in great color, clear focus, uniform lighting, all present in the frame without excessive fisheye effects. How did she do it? I have no idea - but I sure am pleased with the result.
— Eric Plaks (reviewed on Facebook)


I gave 5 stars because Sirin captures the essence of the person and looks through her camera lens for the best of the person. I enjoy her artistic work as well, photos at angles I would not have considered, her pictures of children and persons when they are naturally unaware. Some of my favorites was a picture she took of General Colin Powell, the intense look of a university crowd as the President took office, a newlywed couple in a park of NYC, and children at different stages of life. Her pictures are entertaining and emotion filled. She is a true professional photographer.
— Petrina Yemane (reviewed on Facebook)


Sirin has an incredible eye for both capturing the moment and the personality and emotion of the situation. Her positive energy and thoughtfulness make her a pleasure to work with.
— Tim O’Connor (reviewed on Facebook)


Sirin took one of my favorite shots ever!
There are many photographers but only few are as talented as Sirin is.
— Karla S. (reviewed on Facebook)


Reviews on Thumbtack

"We have hired Sirin Samman for Castle Conversations, a high-profile lecture series at Manhattanville College. Sirin has photographed six events for us so far, and we have been exceedingly pleased with her work. Her professionalism is unparalleled and the quality of her photography is exquisite. She truly captures the spirit of each individual photographed, along with the spirit of the event itself. I would highly recommend Sirin for all of your photography needs."
-- Teresa W.


"Hiring Sirin to do a photoshoot for my daughter's Sweet 16 was the best investment my husband and I made for the event. Sirin was professional, fun and creative in the moments she captured. The final product was outstanding. Without a doubt her number is on speed dial for the next special occasion."
-- Nadine F.


Reviews on Yelp

"Sirin is the consummate professional. She arrived on time to my events and really listened to what I wanted the end result to be. She has an amazing eye and a great sense of tone that create a photo "story" from each event. My office has worked with her several times for a wide range of high profile events and casual gatherings-- and we have NEVER been disappointed in the product. She can be discreet enough to not distract from the event itself, but clever enough to get in there for the perfect candid shots. I'm always amazed at all the moments captured when she sends us the final proofs. Beyond that, she takes the time to pick out the best photos and puts them in a separate folder so you don't have to browse endlessly. High quality work!!"
-- Genéa S.


"This is an overdue review, but I must share what a professional and excellent experience we had with Sirin this past May. Sirin was kind enough to photograph our City Hall wedding with only a few weeks notice. I also feel her prices were very fair and she took into account our budget to make it work. Despite it being an untraditional wedding, Sirin took many lovely photographs and made my husband, toddler, and family at ease with her friendly style. She posted some photos to FB within just a few days and we were so pleased. We also decided to get an album, and she designed the page layouts as a beautiful story of our wedding which we just love. Overall, she is a great communicator, honest, hard working and skilled at her craft. I highly recommend Sirin if you need [a] photographer."
-- Dana M.
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